07 September 2007

Ford Shadrach Mustang by Pure Power Motorsports

Pure Power Motorsports has announced it will debut its line of twin-turbocharged Shadrach Mustangs with a limited run of Signature Editions commemorating Super Stock drag racing legends Hubert Platt and Randy Payne. Platt, known early in his career for a series of “Georgia Shaker” race cars, was picked by Lee Iacocca at Ford Motor Company to head its 1968-’70 Eastern drag team. During that time he drove a 428 Cobra Jet Mustang to an NHRA SS/IA record of 12.41 seconds at 112.92 miles an hour and won the ’69 Winter Championships and AHRA U.S. Open Top Stock Eliminator class.

Teammate Randy Payne piloted his Torino Cobra to victory so many times that no one ever challenged the validity of his nickname, “Mr. Big Stuff.” Payne won every event in his class while racing for Ford, including the first sanctioned drag race held in Canada. When he won all three nights in Super Stock at Daytona Beach, by elimination he wound up running the finals against himself, a feat that has never recurred.

Platt and Payne were a charismatic duo who put on drag racing seminars for Ford dealers at tracks all across America. The two Georgians and their cars were known collectively as “The Going Thing.”

The Shadrach is the ultimate nostalgic representation of the new Mustang’s retro styling. PPM begins by purchasing a 2006 GT and stripping it to the point that only the dash and factory paint remain. The stock 4.6-liter block is transformed into a 900-horsepower monster (710 ponies at the rear wheels) with the addition of forged aluminum pistons, Manley H-beam connecting rods, Comp camshaft, CNC ported three-valve heads and a sophisticated secondary fuel injection system, among other parts. Intake is enhanced through twin water-to-air Precision turbochargers, dual water-to-air intercoolers, a Metco billet turbo plenum and a Kinsler 8-Stack injection system. Exhaust is handled by stainless steel turbo headers and Random Technology high-flow catalytic converters.

A G-Force six-speed racing transmission, one-piece driveshaft and Strange Ford nine-inch rear with 3.55:1 gears and 35-spline competition axles finish the drivetrain.

No boulevard cruiser, the Shadrach Mustang’s suspension and chassis components were chosen for serious high-speed use. They include an AJE tubular K-member, control arms, shock tower bar, adjustable front sway bar, adjustable track bar and subframe stiffener; Ohlin coil-over double-adjustable shocks; Metco billet front strut tower bar, lower rear control arms and upper link bracket; and HyperCo coil springs. Brakes are beefy Brembos – 14-inch cross-drilled fronts and 13.5-inch cross-drilled rears – set behind 20-inch forged aluminum Weld Racing wheels and Toyo tires.

The interior features a six-point chromoly rollcage, leather-wrapped Recaro front seats, matching rears, G-Force five-point harnesses and a carbon-fiber dash.

PPM’s styling package turns a “cute commuter” Mustang into a dragstrip icon, with every part functional and unique to the Shadrach. The unique front bumper cover, which incorporates an aerodynamic carbon-fiber air splitter and billet grille, gives the Shadrach the face of a predator. Its raised hood is an organic sculpture that sprouts twin air inlet scoops in front, then presents the turbo engine’s polished aluminum intake like a Best of Show trophy. Side skirts molded in carbon-fiber hide all but the outlets of the side exhaust pipes. A Pro Stock adjustable wing and lower air diffuser maintain clean airflow as the Shadrach carves its way through the atmosphere.

Even the factory Ford paint receives special attention – layers of pearl protected by many coats of clear – and a unique Shadrach wings/flames logo on the hood.

The first 70 Shadrachs will be identical Platt & Payne Signature Editions, all wearing Vista Blue and special “The Going Thing” stripes. For more information about this exciting limited series of super-performance Mustangs, contact Mike Langston at (770) 617-1559.

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