30 October 2007

Lamborghini Gallardo SE by Hamann

The first impression the Lamborghini Hamann Gallardo SE makes clearly indicates that this is hardly a standard model. The Hamann specialists constructed a comprehensive aerodynamics program for this racy sports car. The front is dominated by an innovatively designed front spoiler. The Hamann engineers included the typically powerful and sporty stylistic elements of the tradition-rich company. The impressive appearance is also reinforced by the frontal airscoops, the broad side skirts and the air intake screens located on the sides. No question about it – the Lamborghini Hamann Gallardo SE is a genuine racing car for the street. More than anything else, the rear portion makes this clear. A mighty, three-piece rear wing a'la motorsport doesn’t just assure the appropriate optics, but also increased application force on the rear axle at higher speeds. Almost the same applies for the wide Hamann rear diffuser. It makes the rear appearance of the Gallardo SE unmistakable, and the car virtually sucks itself onto the asphalt.

Thanks to its aerodynamics packet, the Hamann Gallardo SE is optically a thoroughbred racing car for the street. The performance increase also gives this proud bull the necessary power. More than anything else, the successful mixture of power, sportiness and exclusivity make the Lamborghini Hamann Gallardo SE so special.

We haven't received any information about the engine modifications. The only visible modification is to the exhaust system, which should add about 20-30 bhp to original Gallardo SE's 520 bhp.

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