31 October 2007

Volkswagen R32 Stage II by HPA Motorsports

HPA Motorsports from Canada offers two street-able packages for the VW R32.

Stage I

The R32 factory engineers have beefed up clutch components, enlarged the exhaust diameters, throttle bodies and the valve train over previous 24v configurations. With this in mind, HPA Motorsports designed Stage 1 system to retain the stock catalytic converters, clutch assembly and exhaust system.

Fully upgradeable, the stage I offers a driving sensation associated with most exotics without the exotics price.

Component list:

  • 1 bar (14.5 psi) boost
  • 2 Hybrid KKK K04 turbochargers with oversized exhaust housings
  • Velocity tuned HGP Exhaust Manifolds
  • Twin 52 mm Down pipes
  • Compression reducing head plate (8.0:1)
  • Hi-Flow HGP cast aluminum Intake Manifold
  • Dual Side mount intercoolers
  • Proprietary Silicon Boost piping
  • Proprietary Hi-Flow formed Silicon and Stainless piping
  • Hi flow fuel injectors
  • Hi-Flow Mass Airflow sensor
  • Hi-Flow secondary fuel pump
  • Re-tuned factory ECU
  • Proprietary Electronic boost controller

Price: $24,000
Install: $2,500

Stage II

Building on the components used in the Stage I, Stage II grows the performance figures outside the believable realm. Tested on pump gas, Motortrend pealed off a 3.2 seconds 0-60 mph and an 11.4 seconds 1 mile. Being able to launch the R32 at nearly 6000RPM requires HPA Motorsports' special dual ceramic clutch and the motor breaths through a sensational 3.5” exhaust system. HPA Motorsports' Race catalytic converters break down the exhaust gases, while race grade connecting rod bearings ensure the longevity of the bottom end.

Component list (plus all Stage I components):

  • 1.3 bar (19 psi) boost
  • Upgraded 70 mm Down pipes
  • Twin Hi-Flow Race Grade Catalytic converters
  • 3.5” (88mm) Exhaust system with Special secondary bypass valve
  • Proprietary Race Grade connecting rod Bearings
  • Upgraded ECU program
  • Upgraded fuel pressure regulator
  • Choice of dual ceramic or Super sport clutch and flywheel assembly

Price: $35,900
Install: $3,500

A 600 bhp Stage III version is also available.

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