19 November 2007

Volvo Develops 'Green' C30 Racer For STCC

Volvo Car Corporation will develop an entirely new racing car based on the compact C30, and Volvo will continue to work with bioethanol (E85) and Green Racing in the Swedish Touring Car Championship. Volvo Cars has committed to a three-year development program for the C30.

"The decision to leave this year's racing car, a Volvo S60, was fairly simple. The Volvo C30 is a somewhat smaller and more agile car with excellent driving characteristics, even in the standard version," says Derek Crabb, head of Powertrain and Engine at Volvo Cars and the man recently appointed to lead Volvo's Racing Department.

"Our decision to continue racing is based on the positive attention and the good results that the recently concluded STCC season has meant for Volvo's brand," says Crabb.

The C30 is a far more logical base as a racing car than is the S60. The C30 clearly demonstrates Volvo's environmental technology available on the market, with versions such as the Flexifuel and the upcoming 1.6D Efficiency. The Volvo 1.6D Efficiency has an average fuel consumption of 4.5L/100km (62 mpg-imperial) and CO2 emissions under 120 grams per kilometre.

"Development of the new racing car will be done jointly by Volvo Cars and Polestar Racing, which has successfully handled our participation in STCC for several years. However, it is currently too soon to provide any detailed information about the construction of the new car. The objective, on the other hand, is clear - Volvo will develop a winning car," Crabb concludes.


A standard C30 body reinforced by a safety cage and side impact protection on the driver's side, developed in collaboration with Caran

Front splitter (the lower section of the bumper) and a rear spoiler wing developed by Polestar in Volvo's wind tunnel.

An aluminium, transversely mounted, 5-cylinder, inline, four-valve, 1999cc engine.
Only minor modifications are permitted on the cylinder block and cylinder heads, while valves, cam shafts, pistons, connecting rods, and the crankshaft have been replaced by racing-specific components.

Oil: Castrol 5W-30

Power/torque: 215kW+ at 8750 rpm - approx 230Nm at 7300rpm.

Fuel: E85

Exhaust system:
Stainless steel with catalytic emission controls, specially manufactured by Ferrita

6-speed sequential gearbox with straight-cut gears, manufactured by Hewland. Front-wheel drive
Mechanical differential with a torque-controlled ramper and friction discs.
SACHS 184mm two-disc carbon fibre clutch
Oil: Castrol TWS 10W-60.

Weight: Minimum weight 1134kg including driver (58-60 kg)

Front wheel suspension:
Öhlin's struts developed with Polestar. Racing-specific support arms and adjustable anti-sway bar

Rear wheel suspension:
Multilink with coil springs and Öhlin's dampers. Racing-specific support arms and adjustable anti-sway bar

Front brakes:
Performance Friction
Four-piston callipers with radial and axial ventilated discs 332x32mm

Rear brakes:
Alcon two-piston callipers with axial ventilated discs 290x10mm.

Servo-assisted rack and pinion

17x10-inch BBS wheels

Michelin 17-inch slicks (no tread) or grooved rain tyres

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