02 December 2007

Opel Presents Racing Version Astra OPC Race Camp at Essen

Opel have entered a new territory of motorsport with the advent of the Astra OPC Race Camp. Two teams partnering Opel and Kissling Motorsport are presently undergoing training and entry vehicles under development for 2008's 24-hour event on the Nurburgring.

But models entered will not be modified versions of the production models they are based on, instead being built by Kissling Motorsport to personify a true racing-bred Astra from the ground up. An unpainted chassis forms the basis for the new Race Camp models, with a strengthened frame and a wide number of racing components. Subframe, tank, chassis and powertrain mountings and steering components are specially tailored.

An all-new drivetrain is introduced for this special race-bred Astra OPC. Mated to a six-speed sequential racing gearbox is the Race Camp's purpose-built supercharged air-cooled 2.0-litre turbo unit, generating a maximum power output of 221 kw / 300 hp at 6,300 rpm. Maximum torque of 400 Nm is developed at 3,980 rpm.

Kissling Motorsport are right at home on the Nurburgring, their workshops situated on the race track's doorstep in Bad M√ľnstereifel. With a proven track record modifying Opel vehicles, Kissling have brought Opels to the track since the 1970s. Partners Dunlop and Recaro, for seat furnishings, also played an intensive role in development of the vehicle, with first roll-out scheduled for early next year.

Check out the racing team's official website at www.opc-racecamp.de, where you'll find team details, information on OPC models and the 'Ring, and should you wish, can listen to the official OPC Race Camp Song and its runners-up. (I'd quite like others to endure the same musical affliction, as I've listened to each enough during the writing of this article to grudgingly want two on mp3.)

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