10 December 2007

Renault Laguna Coupe Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show 2007

Renault has choose IAA to present the Laguna Coupe Concept, its propose for a top model “grand tourer coupe”. The model wants to seduce all people that want a performance car, good for drive and full of refinement. The company officials say that these are the attributes of this concept, which is built on the same platform as for new generation Laguna. The model is gifted with a four wheel Active Drive chassis and with the new V6 dCi propeller, which was developed by Renault-Nissan.
More than that, at the official presentation, they have put accents on visuals, the key words used being: Power, Elegancy and Vision. Laguna Coupe Concept comes after another show car, Fluence, which was presented in 2004.
Laguna Coupe Concept is 4.684 m long and is remarked by its sculptural profile, full of distinction, by its remarkable front look and by the burly grille, which is the opposite of its “short” back.
The adaptive lights are gifted with LED lamps, which utilize a technology based on reflection and on lighting propagation. This is not a new system, because it was presented on Napta concept, too (2006). In the front are big lamps, and in the back are long stops, which make everything look stylish and full of refinement. The interior is high-end, typically for a coupe. All interior elements are from the last generation: navigation, radio, music player, video, kit Bluetooth, ambient images, leather elements, metal elements ant top finishing.
The 2,993 cc V6, dCi propeller will be the standard engine for the series model. This will offer, by the version, power between 230 and 265 hp and a maximum torque between 450 and 550 Nm. This unity is mounted at a 6 speed automatic transmission gear box and will make Laguna Coupe Concept to reach 100 km/h in 7 seconds and this for low fuel consumption. That’s too good to be true!

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