24 November 2014

1986 Porsche 911 rebuilt by DP Motorsport

DP Motorsport has decided to celebrate Porsche 911's 50th anniversary by rebuilding a 1986 model and calling it the 911 3.2 Sleeper. The tuner was able to shave off no less than 280 kg (617 lbs) from the car's weight so it now tips the scales at just 905 kg (1,995 lbs). This was possible by stripping out the cabin and removing paint and undercoating. The car was basically rebuilt using lightweight components and body parts, including Perspex (acrylic glass) windows. It was then lacquered in metallic rock-green to create a special look.
The 3.2-liter engine benefits from a series of upgrades like ported and flowed cylinder heads, enlarged throttle valve, lightened flywheel, two HJS 100 cell catalytic converters and a RSR titanium racing exhaust. As a result of these changes, the mill outputs 270 HP (199 kW) and 307 Nm (226 lb-ft) and is mated to a five-speed gearbox with a limited-slip differential.
The changes don't end here as the 911 3.2 Sleeper by DP Motorsport has received Bilstein shock absorbers and 16-inch Fuchs alloys wrapped around in Michelin semi slicks. Inside it gets 935-like lollipop seats, RS carpet, Williams four-point harnesses, an anti-roll bar and a sport steering wheel.
This particular car is available for 89,911 EUR (about 119,000 USD or 76,800 GBP).

Source: DP Motorsport

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