07 September 2007

Nissan Terminator 350Z by Craig Lieberman

Terminator 350Z is the latest in a long line of tuner project cars built for clients of Craig Lieberman's company. Built for Louis Ringe, a retiree from Temecula, California, this 350Z has now made the covers of HCI and SPC magazine, but its' greatest role is its' starring appearance in 2 MagnaFlow commercials.

One is already airing on Spike TV and Speed Channel, the other commercial features Mario Andretti, Ivan Stewart and Craig Lieberman, as the stunt driver in both the 350Z and the Corvette you'll see in one of these commercials.

The car features custom built 19" HRE Wheels, Falken Tires and a VeilSide Version 3 body kit. For audio/video, the Terminator theme was integrated into the car which now features an assortment of Bazooka products. Other electronics include racing compass and switchgear by Ignited. The final touch was a 100 shot of nitrous, courtesy of Nitrous Express.

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