20 November 2014

Nissan Sunny by DC Design

DC Design has completely modified the interior cabin of the Nissan Sunny (aka Versa Sedan). After working on the Renault Duster, DC Design focused their attention on the Nissan Sunny and made a wide array of modifications to the interior. They removed the middle seat and replaced it with a full-length armrest, while instead of the rear bench there are two individual seats which can be electrically adjusted.
In addition, the front passenger seat can be folded flat and there's a big LCD behind the driver's seat. The cabin is now wearing red leather upholstery, and DC Design says the interior provides the same level of comfort you get from cars which are ten times more expensive than the Sunny/Versa Sedan.
This type of customization is already available, but they haven't released any pricing details.

Source: DC Design

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